How to configureWiz550S2E/Wiz550WEB using WIZnet Configuration Tool


This post introduces the usage of configuration tool for WIZnet Product  Wiz550S2E / Wiz550WEB. This configuration tool provides two ways to configure our product in GUI mode and Command line mode, so users can choose a way depending on their convenience.

For example, if you want to test several functions or changes on a product, then GUI mode would be a better choice. In the other hand, if you want to update same information of multiple products in factory repeatedly, then Command line mode would be much better and convenient.

This post will shows how to use the configuration tool in GUI mode and Command line mode.

Before starting, refer following link for creating runnable jar file for our source code.

Exporting Runnable Jar from project for WIZnet Configuration Tool


Gui Mode

In order to use GUI mode, execute runnable jar without arguments



  1. Connect modules which will be configured
  2. Click [Search] to find connected modules.
  3. Run other functions as you need.
    • Setting : update changed information
    • F/W Uploading : upload firmware using TFTP server
    • Reset : reset module
    • Factory Reset : reset module as factory setting

Command Line Mode

When you want to configure modules in Console Mode, then use argument with runnable jar file in command line.

Search Modules


-b : search available modules and display found modules

Firmware Upload


-m : designate mac address

-f : firmware filename to be uploaded on module

-s : TFTP server address

-t : TFTP server port [default:69]

-p : setting password of module

to upload new firmware on module, the module has to be set up with correct network information (and TFTP server should be reachable).

e.g) If TFTP server address is

Module’s IP should be 192.168.111.*


Functions with parameters

Users can change module’s information manually using parameters.

Parameter Format

Command[2Letters] Data

Command and data should be concatenated.

E.g) IP192.168.111.248 DH1 BR115200

Command List

Command Data Description
DP Display Information
RT Reset Module
FR Factory reset
MN WIZ550SE, or WIZ550WEB.. Model name
LI Local IP address
SM Subnet mask
GW Gateway
HI Host IP address
LP Local port number
RP Remote host port number


Working mode
IT Inactivity timer(0~65535ms)
RI Reconnect interval(0~65535ms)
BR 300/600/1200/1800/… 115200.. Baud rate
DB 7/8/9 Data bits
PR NONE(0)/ODD(1)/EVEN(2) Parity
SB 1/2 Stop bits
FL NONE(0)/RTSCTS(1)/RS422(2)/


Flow control
AT Enable(1)/Disable(0) AT Command
TC FFFFFF Trigger cod(fixed 3 bytes in hex)
PT Serial data packing interval


PS Packing size(0~255)
PL 0/1/2/3/4 Packing delimiter length
PD FFFFFFFF Packing delimiters in hex(max 4 bytes)
PA 0/1/2 Packing data appendix
DH Enable(1)/Disable(0) DHCP flag
DN Enable(1)/Disable(0) DDNS flag
DS DNS server IP
DO Domain
NP Connection password
SP Setting password

Reset Module


-m : designate mac address

-p : setting password

RT : command to reset



Factory Reset Module


-m : designate mac address

-p : setting password

FR : command to factory-reset

Display Module’s Information


-m : designate mac address to manipulate

-p : setting password

DP : command to display module


Change Module’s Information



-m : designate mac address

-p : setting password

[parameter list]: command and data sets to be applied


DH1 (enable DHCP),

MNWIZ550S2E_TEST(set Module name as WIZ550S2E_TEST)


[Application Examples]Implement Embedded Web Server using WIZNet products


Users can control remotely their embedded products using Web Server. WIZNet modules are used as Web Server to control products remotely. This post introduces various examples how to implement embedded products using WIZNet modules.



Using Arduino as a simple Web Server along with Ethernet shield

connection-320x202Ethernet shield along with Arduino board users can turn it into a simple web server which can be accessed by anyone on the internet.




How to monitor analog input using W5500-EVB Web Server

web_server-320x202In this tutorial, we will introduce a web server example code. From this code, you can learn how to read the input value of potentiometer which is mounted on W5500-EVB




DIY Webserver with Arduino Mega 2560

This project is a simple webpage using the Arduino mega2560 and Ethernet shield.




How to: Connect your Arduino to the Internet as a Web Server

This project is a servo and LED those are controlled via a Webpage. The control page is accessible from both the private and public networks.




Arduino temperature web server

This is a simple temperature web server that show the temperature normally. but it will be changed as a warning page when temperature is high.



WebServer for tracking devices

arduino-track-2-320x202This project started as an idea to remotely monitor author’s dog to know its real time position. Due to some problem, the author decided to start the prototype first, and later would implement the perfect one for his dog.




RoboSapienServer-320x202This post introduces Robot that was transformed into web controlled Robot.





Tutorial: Controlling Servo / Webcam via webserver, Wiz820io and Garagino

asdasd-320x202This project is a server with Garagino and Wiznet Ethernet module, and thus an HTML page that displays the buttons that control the servos connected to the Pan / Tilt.





An Arduino Room Monitoring Web Server

090-300x202This tutorial is showing how to turn an arduino into a room monitoring system. An PIR board and a LDR is connected to the Arduino. The arduino is visualizing the measured data via a webserver



Web Server with Two Temperature Gauges

webserver-320x202This project consists of two temperatures that are measured by the Arduino using two MCP9700 temperature sensors. An Arduino Uno and Ethernet shield are set up as a web server that hosts a web page to display the two temperatures on two gauges.

[Application Examples]Home Security, Home Automation


Internet of Things is one of the most popular keywords currently. Main application of the Internet of Things is Home Security. People control almost everything in their home in hand. Security and Automation are areas which people are interested in as well. Below link shows main applications for IoT.

Top 50 Internet of Things Applications – Ranking


This post introduces several applications for Home Security & Home Automation which are implemented with WIZnet products.



House Alarm Internet Dialer for Aritech with Arduino


This project is for home alarm internet dialer. This makes the alarm system email you if the alarm has gone off and has ability to contact the panel and set/unset/view logs using any browser from anywhere( phone)


Workshop 88 door lock

ConnectedToLock0263-150x150This project is a keyboard based door lock that collects data logging information with ethernet.


IoT project: Arduino sends push notification to Android using Temboo,

rect4608This is an IoT Project that sends PIR sensor alarm to an Android phone using Temboo, service and an Arduino Ethernet board including W5500.







Simple preventive system

Keep youflowr house safe with PIR sensor, IFTTT, WIZwiki W7500 when you are away from home.




Build a motion sensor android camera with Arduino UNO, PIR sensor, Bluemix Iot foundation and Push services

camera controlThis project is an example of simple security application that sends a message to a certain Android device by sensing activities of a designated area using Ethernet shield and IBM Bluemix service.


My Experimental Doorbell

assembling1-300x214No buttons: fully motion sensored. Voice greeting: doorbell greets the visitor. Voice alert: doorbell notifies me that somebody is at my door. Logging: doorbell logs and timestamps every time I have a visitor and doorbell stores snapshot of the person.



Arduino Push Alerts

정형기_treasure-300x214Arduino Push Alerts – IoT Notifications for your Doorbell, Burglar Alarm, Smoke Alarms and Etc. using an Arduino Uno, an Ethernet Shield and PushingBox service.





IPCAM, a autonomous IP camera with Arduino and Adafruit serial JPG camera

캡처_21-300x214The purpose of this project is to build a camera which is able to take picture up to 640*480 JPG remotely via Internet.


Remote pan/tilt webcam

TRemote-webcam_1-300x214he author wanted to make the webcam and he remotely view the webcam in his room and move it around. If thief saw this product ,he betake himself to flight.