[Application Examples]Various applications using WIZnet WiFi Modules



WIZnet provides several Embedded WiFi modules such as WizFi210, WizFi220, WizFi250 and WizFi630A. Users can easily implement embedded systems using these WiFi modules. This post introduces various application examples using Wiznet WiFi modules.


Comparison between WiFi modules

click this link : http://www.wiznet.co.kr/product/wifi-module/



How to use a serial WiFi Shield(WizFi210)


In this tutorial you will learn how to use the WizFi210 – serial WiFi Shield with Arduino Uno board. This low-cost WiFi shield can be easily connected to your WiFi network and communicate with the Arduino Uno board through the serial communication protocol.



WiFi Electric Skateboard using WIZwiki-W7500ECO


In this tutorial you will learn how to make Electric skateboard using Wizwiki-W7500ECO and WizFi250.








Arduino WiFi Garage Door Opener


This project is not hard to follow but the idea is so impressing. Think about it, when you are in heavy rain and you have to get out of your car to open the garage door, who wants to do it. Also imagine that you do not have a key, that time you will be in panic.




Draft-500x216-320x202The system that we propose is based on the Arduino UNO, on which two shields are mounted : the Ethernet(or WIFI) Shield and RGB Shield




Standalone WiFi Radio Control Panel

FTA3NX9GK0YUTSD.MEDIUM-320x202This is an update to Standalone WiFi Radio Control Panel , which enables it to tweet the currently playing song and station. The project is based on an AdaFruit Boarduino, an Arduino-compatible microcontroller platform, with an Ethernet shield, an LCD, and a rotary encoder.


Arduino WiFi Desktop Gadget using WizFi210

김성은-300x202The gadget which made of Arduino and WizFi210 shows the time, the temperature, the humidity, CPU usage and CPU temperature.




arduino WiFi remote control car – WiFi rarduicar(WizFi210)

daniel-320x202The aim of this project is to be able to communicate with the Arduino Uno via WiFi.



WiFi based lamp module WizFi250

WizFi250_lamp-320x202This is very simple project to turn on/off a lamp wireless from smart phone. WizFi250 is used for the WiFi connectivity and controlling the lamp. Arduino Uno controls the commands transmitted from phone or tablet via WiFi in the form of UDP or TCP.



WizFi250 SSL Connection

0_summaryThis post shows four cases that can connect with WizFi250 SSL Server.








Data Communication between two WizFi250(AP TCP Server and STATION TCP Client)

2deviceThis post shows Data Communication between two WizFi250(AP TCP Server and STATION TCP Client)







Creating Weather Station on the basis of STM32F3DISCOVERY and WizFi220 WiFi module

full-device-320x202.jpgThis post shows how you can use WiFi in your project without Arduino. We will make a clock with Wi-Fi and monochromatic matrix, which will also show weather in relevant locality.





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