W5500BoB the W5500 Break-out-Board with RJ45 and Espruino Pico – Part 1 – Hardware

I started using our new 3rd Party Module W5500BoB (Break-out-Board for the W5500 chip) made by ESoPe together with the small Espruino Pico MCU Board.
So there is this Hardware:

  • W5500BoB module (W5500 + xtal + passives)
  • Espruino Pico (STM32F401 MCU … JavaScript engine)
  • RJ45 MagJack by Cetus (same as on the WIZ550io Module)

I connected all this on a BreadBoard:

W5500BoB on BreadBoard
Picture: Espruino Pico + W5500BoB + RJ45

The detailed Schematic in a BlockDiagram style look like this:

Espruino Pico + W5500BoB + RJ45
Block Diagram / Schematic: Espruino Pico + W5500BoB + RJ45

The USB connector type A on the Espruino Pico is (normaly) used to plug it into a computer directly, so I used a USB extension cable to power my setup and to have the serial (virtual COM port) connection.
The Espruino Pico can be controlled by serial commands = Java Script language very easy, so it’s perfect for a short test. Our original WIZ550io Module (W5500 inside) is supported directly.

The new W5500BoB is ‘only’ the W5500 chip + xtal and passive components, so any MCU Board and any RJ45 (also PoE types) can be connected without a single extra part needed.
You can see in my picture that I did not add anything. Also the LED current limitation Rs and the 50ohm termination is included on the W5500BoB module.

The RJ45 here is the same Cetus J1B1211CCD we used on the WIZ550io, WIZ550S2E and W5500-EVB already. It’s fully industrial temp. range qualified and we offer in our Store and by our distributors for a very good price.

The setup is working perfectly well already.
In Part 2 (in a few days) I will describe how to make an Internet (Test) Application working on the Espruino Pico.

Regards, Joachim