Chip Thrills – I’m in Love with the Wiznet W5500


I haven’t really dug into the datasheet but I’m excited about the Wiznet W5500. It’s a TCP/IP chip, generally compatible with the W5100 that I use in the web server but it allows streaming data transfer. With the w5100 every byte transferred is a separate transaction. Raising and lowering slave select, sending a command, a two byte address, and a single byte of data. That’s painful for the 1802: even with the spi clock set over 3mhz so i can send a byte every instruction time, i have to send four times as many bytes and futz around changing registers to send them from different locations; I also have to calculate the buffer address every time and wrap it around at the end of the buffer. The result is an effective transfer rate of only a few thousand bytes per second. With the W5500 you send only the command and…

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